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Advanced, User-Friendly Access Control Software.

User Friendly Interface.

ZKBioSecurity makes it easy to add the devices you purchased with one click, The software also features user-friendly icons that visually assist you while navigating through the menus.

Visitor Managment

ZKBioSecurity’s Visitor Management module allows for companies to manage visitors easily on the software and attend events without a long waiting period.

Video Surveillance

ZKBioSecurity allows for you to add Any CCTV Camera with ONIV support to be added on the software. If you don’t use the ZKTeco Range you can still use ZKBioSecurity.

Web Based Platform

ZKBioSecurity is a web-based platform and can be accessed from any location. You can install ZKBioSecurity on a secure cloud server and run all your devices from it while knowing all the data will be safe.

Elevator Control

ZKBioSecurity allows for Elevator Control through the software. You can add floors and manage staff access to floors By Levels or Departments.

Older Versions & License Activation

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