ZKSmart Parking


A safe & controlled enviroment begins at the entrance.

ZK Smart Parking Solution is designed for busy and high-volume parking, which offers customers a precise parking guidance with indicating lights, guidance displays, vehicle search Kiosk. Therefore driver can directly and simply follow indications to go to the available parking bays easily.

Parking Guidance Camera

This Guidance Camera allows for notifying the car’s in the lot if the parking space is open or closed. When green the parking is open, but when red the parking has been taken.

Vehicle Search Kiosk

This Kiosk allows for the search of a vehicle when a person has forgotten where it was or on which lot it was parked.

Indoor Parking Guidance Display

This Display, displays numbers of parking open on each lot.

Outdoor Parking Lot Vacancy Display

This display shows how much parking is open on each block or lot before driving into the lot and not finding a parking.

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