Farming Solution

Time and Attendance

Dealing with Employee log books for payrolls can become a very tedious process, with ZKTeco’s T&A Farm solution we can lift some of the hay off your shoulders. 

Iclock 990



Biometric Harvesting Scale

let your employees clock their harvesting margins, when it comes to payroll you need all the information about how much work your employees did. 

Iclock 990

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is the backbone of security, when encountering a breach, catch the attackers in the act.

Outdoor Bullet Camera

Indoor Eyeball Camera

Indoor Dome Camera

Asset and Live Stock Tracking

Track or count your live stock when they move into the pens.

UHF Series


Job Costing

Job costing plays a big part in the farming industry, with our job costing solution you can track your workers on different areas and on different jobs they are doing.


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