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Over the past decade ZKTeco has established itself as the market leader when it comes to pioneering new and innovative biometric security technologies. Recognised internationally for its engineering capabilities and manufacturing excellence, ZKTeco is utilising this solid foundation to launch into the enterprise market. The move to a full solutions company as opposed to just a security product manufacturer started three years ago and came to fruition in late 2013. These enterprise solutions fl ow from the company’s success with its biometric hardware infi ltration into the global market. In addition, ZKTeco has seen an increase in demand from SMB companies to be able to control numerous security based aspects from a central platform. Research projects were initiated internationally by ZKTeco’s direct subsidiaries and business partners to gather the information required to bring high-quality, user-friendly solutions to the table. The company’s enterprise transition roadmap was discussed and formalised at the ZKTeco Global Enterprise Transition Strategy Conference in Xiamen, China on 28 October 2013. Xiamen was chosen as the location for the conference because the company has already opened the ZKTeco Software R&D Service Centre there. This centre will form the operations base for all future software projects for the company’s enterprise solutions. The Xiamen R&D Service team will grow to about 500 staff in the forthcoming year and as the long-term plans unfold, ZKTeco will invest in future growth within the team. Currently the Xiamen team is perfecting the usage of cloud technology to provide cloud server platforms for SaaS solutions, cloud data backup and other software technology that will allow connections to future products that ZKTeco will release. “We are confi dent that these solutions will change the face of the market and revolutionise the way time and security management systems will function in the future,” said ZKTeco South Africa director Hendrik Combrinck. “All ZKTeco international subsidiaries, including ZKTeco South Africa, have started investing in local software development resources to be able to customise and service the global enterprise solutions that will be developed in the future. This will open many more vertical markets for all our local clients in South Africa,” Combrinck explained. The continued investment and development of new biometric technologies by ZKTeco will see the launch of new market changing products like biometric guard patrol solutions, embedded facial recognition IP cameras, 8-channel facial recognition servers, visitor management solutions, parking systems, elevator control systems, iris recognition products, facial recognition door locks and access control embedded tripod turnstiles in this year. “Adding these products to our already extensive repertoire of solutions will satisfy more clients’ purchasing needs,” he continued. “Our local South African service and product specialist teams are ready to assist with any hardware or software query, irrespective of size. Our whole international service network is also available to the South African team to ensure that each query is handled and resolved as soon as possible. All our hardware going through the South African warehouse carries a two-year warranty, which puts us at a totally diff erent level to any other biometric manufacturer or distributor in South Africa,” Combrinck concluded.

Source - Hi-Tech Security Solutions

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