Video Surveillance

Video surveillance in a classroom or hallway is vital when it comes to keeping an eye on students when they are left alone within the class room. with motion track and 1080p resolution you can be sure to know when a student gets up from their tables or talks with other students.

E Series IP Camera

E series 4MP IP cameras are a cost-efficient solution which is powered by H.265 Video Encoding and embedded with face detection algorithms. It delivers crystal clear images and supports industry-leading IVA smart event alarms. Cloud function is built-in for every device, which is more convenient and flexible for real-time and remote viewing.

This dome camera mounts in the corner of each class room to keep an eye on students that get up and walk around or talk to other students.

E Series Bullet IP Camera

These Bullet IP Camera’s can be placed in hallways to monitor students entering or exiting classrooms. They can also be used to monitor when students are switching between classes.

This Model has a 4MP IR Motorized lens with H.265 Dual Stream Encoding to better image quality. It is protected with a rugged metal casing and can withstand Dust and Water.