ProFace X [P]

ProFace X [P] is a fully upgraded version of the ProFace product line, which is designed to deal with all kinds of scenarios. Powered by the ZKTeco-customized CPU for running the intellectualized engineering facial recognition algorithm and the latest computer vision technology, the ProFace X [P] supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and rapid recognition speed, boosting the security performance in all aspects.

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FacesFaces 30,000 (1:N)
50,000 (Optional)
PalmPalm 5,000 (1:N)
CardsCards 50,000 (ProFace X[P] Only)
TransactionsUser Photos 30,000
Event Photos 1 0 ,000
Software Compatiblity
ZKBioSecurity Software
900MHz Dual Core Customized AI CPU
512MB RAM / 8G Flash
8" Hight light (400lux) IPS Touch LCD
125KHz EM Reader / 13.56MHz MF(Optional)
2MP WDR Low Light Camera
Adjustable Light brightness LED
High Sensitivity Microphone
Distance Detection Sensor
Reset Button and Tamper Switch
Access Control Interface
Lock Relay Output
Alarm Output / Auxiliary Input
Exit Button / Door Sensor
Special Functions
IP68 & Ik04 (ProFace X[P] Only)
0.3s Hight Speed Facial Ver
Liveness Detection
HTTPS Communication Encryption (Optional)
Event Snapshot
Standard Functions:
Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, DST,
Duress Mode (Password), Anti-Passback,
Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm
Custom Wallpaper & Screen Saver
Preventative Measures
Mask detection
Body temperature detection -
(ProFace X [TD] Only)
Temperature Measurement Distance:
30cm~50cm (1ft~1.64ft)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy:
30cm~50cm (1ft~1.64ft)
Temperature Measurement Range:
+/-0.3°C (+/-32.54°F)
Wiegand Input / Output
RS485 / RS232
Additional Info
Face Algorithm: ZKLiveFace5.8
Palm: FAR ≤0.01%; FRR ≤1% Working
Working Temperature: -30°C ~ 60°C
Working Humidity: ≤93%
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 65°C
Storage Humidity: ≤93%
Net Weight: 853g
Dimensions (H*L*D): 227*143*26.1mm
ProFaceX Series Data Sheet