ProBio is the first access control terminal to apply the most advanced Silk ID and face technology together. Silk ID not only has outstandingly high identification rate towards dry, wet, and rough fingers, but also provides the utmost security with alive finger detection. It can operate under strong light, and activates automatically when finger approaches to save power.
Using ZKTeco’s latest ZKFACE version 7.0 high-speed face recognition algorithm, it has extremely high verification speed and low error rate, in addition to being able to effectively prevent duplicated registration. In addition, the new ZMM 220 hardware platform has a clock rate of 1.2 GHZ, greatly enhancing the speed of fingerprint and face verification. Such speedy hardware platform and fingerprint and face algorithm greatly enhance the speed of fingerprint and face verification.(minimum 2A) connection, there are no more worries for lacking power sockets supply.

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ProBio Data Sheet

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ProBio & ProFAC User Manual

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ProBio & ProFAC Quick Start

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ProBio & ProFAC Install Guide

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