KR702 reader is a full touch key waterproof reader,the Product is IP65 waterproof,and can be used for outdoor.The reader further enrich the diversity of ZK reader product. Meanwhile,the product is made of full acrylic appearance,full touch key,design high-end fashion, and suitable for the application of high-end places.
Full touch key
Waterproof IP64 or IP65


Model KR702E KR702M
Wiegand Signal Wiegand 26 Wiegand 34
Power Supply 12V DC,<90mA
Effective Distance 0~8cm(Different according to different working, conditions and different card)
Read Time <80ms
Operating Frequency 125KHz 13.56MHz
Operating Temperature 0 °C- 70 °C
Operating Humidity 20{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727}-80{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727}
Dimension(LxWxH) 113x75x16mm

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