Green Label is a project-oriented high-end product line, loaded with stunning and innovative features such as the revolutionary Silk ID fingerprint sensor with 3D NFPV technology, capable to provide an exceptional performance toward dry, wet and rough fingerprints and the new hardware platform, equipped with an optimized fast 1.2GHz processor, dramatically increasing the verification speed.

The advanced product line is made with a beautiful and modern hardware and firmware design and is the perfect match for the ZKTeco latest web based software platform to provide a full featured biometric time management and security solution.

The Green Label concept also includes a new market strategy by strictly controlling and regulating policies such as pricing and after-sale service.

New Fingerprint Algorithm: Silk ID

Silk ID is our new generation of fingerprint verication technology, proudly presented by ZKTeco’s Silicon Valley Laboratory in USA. Silk ID has one of the industry’s most powerful fake finger detection engines which aids in detecting unauthorized individuals from using fake fingerprints made of paper, lm, silicone or rubber. Silk ID’s 360 degrees of fingerprint collection and Anti-Interference Technology enable it to authenticate dry, wet or rough fingerprints eficiently and accurately, minimizing the error percentage to less than 1/10000. Stylish and compact, Silk ID denotes a major breakthrough in biometric verification technology.

New Face Recognition Algorithm

Face recognition is also a major field where we strive for progress. We have released our new face recognition algorithm utilizing 2D facial recognition technology which achieves extremely accurate and rapid verification in less than 0.2 seconds. With a smallerhigh definition camera, ZK’s new face recognition technology marks a new era in the field of biometrics.

New Finger Vein Algorithm

With its more precise and accurate algorithm, our new finger vein pattern recognition technology exceeds even the accuracy of our face & fingerprint recognition technologies. Our finger-vein algorithm has even more powerful anti-spoof detection than our Silk ID fingerprint algorithm. Its finger vein template storage capacity has increased to 1,000 templates. Our finger vein reader is the most cost-effective and reliable vein-pattern recognition solution available in the industry today.

Hardware Advancement

  1. Innovative SilkID fingerprint reader, which offers an outstanding performance for all kind of fingeprint conditions, alive fingerprint detection and IR activation sensor among others.

  2. The latest Dual-core embedded hardware platform delivers a whole new user experience by dramatically increasing the face and fingerprint verification speed.

  3. Firmware UI provides a beautiful and intuitive interface for a smooth and easy device set up and management.
  1. A standard 125Khz ID card module and professional access control power supply.

  2. Higher storage capacity, up to 40,000 fingerprint templates and 100,000 records.

  3. ZK card optional encryption for higher safety.

  4. Optional Fingerprint card.

Innovative and Modern Product Design

  1. United product image, family design of molds, UI and packaging.

  2. Unique PUSH HTTPS Protocol, for fast, stable and secure communication.
  1. Covers all safety standards of verifications methods.

  2. Compatible with ZKTeco's latest web-based time management and security software products.

Customer Oriented Marketing Strategy

  1. Globally standardized policies with strict price structure and approval system to eradicate online sales.

  2. The project-registration policy will cover the maximum price and tender protection to the Green Label Client.
  1. All software are controlled by paid-license.

Customer Centric After Sale Service

  1. 36-months warranty.

  2. Provides full documentation including multi- language brochures, user manuals, FAQ database, solutions and case studies.
  1. All Green Label faulty devices have the priority right to be repaired.