Frequently Asked Questions

The supplied software is compatible with Windows version 8. If any problems are experienced with the compatibility, you can download the patch by following the link below. - DOWNLOAD

We are the only warranty repair service centre in South Africa.

Please contact ZKTeco South Africa for assistance in deactivating the loaded administrator. Follow the link on the right-hand side of the page for contact details.

The supplied software can only export into Microsoft Excel, and not directly into a payroll system.

Please see the dowloads page for the latest release in software.

Only selected Time and Attendance devices are supplied with their own power supply. Please enquire before placing your order if the desired products have a power supply.

Please use the distributor as the first line of contact. Any unresolved issues will be escalated to ZKTeco South Africa.

Please ensure that lighting conditions are constant 24 hours a day, as this will have an effect on the reading quality of the enrolled faces.

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