Data Centre Solution

With data Centre’s being so important to the world in the 20th century, securing them is high priority. By using the biometric solutions ZKTeco provides you could protect your Data Centre’s or Server Farms from potential security breaches. We offer state of the art biometric units that provides maximum security and friendly user experience.

Entrance Control

Entrance Control is the most important aspect when it comes to security, by using a turnstile you could potentially stop breaches at the entrance.

TS2200 - Tripod Turnstile

SBTL8000 - Flap Barrier Turnstile

FHT2400D Series - Full-height Turnstile

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is the backbone of security, when encountering a breach, catch the attackers in the act.

Outdoor Bullet Camera

Indoor Eyeball Camera

Indoor Dome Camera

Central Monitoring System

Software is the backbone of your security solution, ZKTeco provides one of the best monitoring systems on the market right now.

ZKBioSecurity V5000.2

Environmental Temperature Monitoring

Temperature plays a big part in a data centre, keeping the room cool can improve performance of servers, with our controllers you can measure temperatures in your server rooms or racks. 

InBio Pro Series

Biometric Access

With Biometric Access, give authorized personnel access to server racks or server rooms.