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C5 Series

IP-based Door Access Control Panel

Built-In Advanced Access Control

High User Capacity

Choice of Readers

SDK For Software Developers


C5S110 C5S120 C5S140
Number of Doors Controlled 1 2 4
Number of Readers Supported Wiegand reader: 2
RS485 reader: 2
Wiegand reader: 4
RS485 reader: 4
Wiegand reader: 4
RS485 reader: 8
Types of Readers Supported 26-bit Wiegand, others upon request 26-bit Wiegand, others upon request 26-bit Wiegand, others upon request
Number of Inputs 3
Exit Button: 1
Aux IN: 1
Door Status: 1
Exit Button: 2
Aux IN: 1
Door Status: 2
Exit Button: 4
Aux IN: 1
Door Status: 4
Number of Outputs 2
Lock: 1
Aux Output: 1
Lock: 2
Aux Output: 1
Lock: 4
Aux Output: 1
Hardware CPU: 1.2GHz
Flash: 256Mb
RAM: 128Mb
CPU: 1.2GHz
Flash: 256Mb
RAM: 128Mb
CPU: 1.2GHz
Flash: 256Mb
RAM: 128Mb
Card Holders Capacity 100,000 100,000 100,000
Log Events Capacity 200,000 200,000 200,000
Communication TCP/IP and RS-485, WI-FI TCP/IP and RS-485, WI-FI TCP/IP and RS-485, WI-FI
Mounting Wall Mount Wall Mount Wall Mount
Recommended Power Supply 12V DC, 1.5A 12V DC, 1.5A 12V DC, 1.5A
Dimensions (L*W*H) 160 x 140 x 31.6mm 197 x 171 x 31.6mm 197 x 171 x 31.6mm
Operating Temp -10 ~ 50°C -10 ~ 50°C -10 ~ 50°C
Operating Humidity 20{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727} ~ 80{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727} 20{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727} ~ 80{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727} 20{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727} ~ 80{c1cf1674196efa796c4af6f10312b1202e6e37ab4dfe0598f926cb3aa416e727}
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