Buyer be aware – Only Buy From Authorized South African ZK Sales Partners & Websites!

ZKTeco (ZK), only sells and supports security products and solutions sold in South Africa through our distribution, integrator and dealer channel specifically authorized by ZKTeco (PTY) LTD.

If you buy products through any public e-commerce sites, ZKTeco will not provide support, extend warranty protection or any other assistance, nor guarantee their quality. Often products sold through unauthorized websites are fraudulent, used, damaged, and counterfeit or were obtained illegally for resale. In addition, ZKTeco security products sold and distributed in South Africa often have special features, functionality and certifications to meet local requirements. The only way to ensure you get the product features and certifications you need is to buy from an authorized ZKTeco channel partner who has completed our rigorous sales and support training program.

Be aware that warranties for products purchased in South Africa are only applicable in SA. Products acquired from unauthorized websites outside of South Africa are not authorized for sale in SA and will not be supported by ZKTeco. Before making a purchase, verify that you are buying a genuine ZKTeco product from an authorized South African ZKTeco distributor, dealer, integrator and/or installer. To find an authorized ZK sales partner in your area, please call us at +27 12 259 1047

visit or send an email to, ZKTeco is committed to ensuring that you only buy quality ZKTeco products and to protect our network of reputable channel sales partners