BioTime 8.0 is a powerful web-based time and attendance management software that provides a stable connection to ZKTeco’s standalone push communication devices by Ethernet/Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G and working as a private cloud to offer employee self-service by mobile application and web browser.

Multiple administrators can access BioTime 8.0 anywhere using a web browser. It can easily handle hundreds of devices and thousands of employees and their transactions.

BioTime 8.0 comes with a friendly user interface that is able to manage timetable, shift and schedule and
can easily generate attendance report.


Web-based Time Attendance Software

Shift Scheduling

Employee Self-Service

E-mail alert for request Approval

Simple Access Control

Auto-synchronization of Biometric Templates by Area

Multiple Admin Privileges

Multiple Approval

Real-time Monitoring

Payroll Management

Attendance Calculation and Reports

Multiple Languages Available

Easy API Intergration

Mobile Application

Database Backup and Restore

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