Since 1998, the founders of ZKTECO CO., LTD (ZKTeco) have been striving for independent research and development of biometric verification algorithms and the productization of biometric verification SDK, which was initially widely applied in PC security and identity authentication fields. With the continuous enhancement of the development and a plenty of market applications, the team has gradually constructed identity authentication ecosystem and smart security ecosystem,which are based on biometric verification techniques. With years’ experience of the industrialization of biometric verifications, ZKTeco was officially established in 2007 and now has been a globally-leading enterprise in biometric verification profession owning various patents and being selected as National High-tech Enterprise for 6 consecutive years. Its products are protected by intellectual property rights.

Our Services

Time and Attendance
Access Control
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Time and Attendance
Access Control
Entrance Control

What we stand for?

ZKTeco's goal is to share our highly developed, revolutionary biometric technology to benefit businesses and people.
We regard values as seeds, culture as trees and state of mind as soil, without mind there is no seed, without core value there is no culture.
Be mindful of our commitment to our customers and partners at all times.

Meet Our Team

Because of dreams, experts from various fields are here together and form a core team of ZKTeco

CEOHendrik Combrinck

Director/FinanceJoleen Yin

Service & Repairs ManagerMarichen Cronje

Operations ManagerJohan Engelbrecht

Financial ManagerMarinda Engelbrecht

Marketing ManagerLuki Janse Van Rensburg

Head of Sales & Projects ManagerBrent Saaiman

Events Co-ordinatorAnri van der Walt