Visible Light Facial Recognition with deep learning

Visible Light Facial Recognition with deep learning

Visible Light Facial Recognition with deep learning

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ZKTeco has created a unique range of visible light facial recognition products combined with a flexible android platform. The unique range of products is based on the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neural Network technologies. ZKTeco’s visible light facial recognition technology has been specifically developed for purposes where high-speed facial recognition at an extremely high level of accuracy, is vital.

Deep Learning

As artificial neural networks become more efficient, graphics processing units (GPUs) get more powerful and as training data have seen explosive growth, deep learning applications have increased dramatically. From object recognition to feature extraction, to data management and business analysis etc., deep learning brings a new level of video surveillance analytics to the security industry.

ZKTeco facial recognition system is based on deep learning techniques, it adopts a sophisticated algorithm to automatically screen-out critical objects, identify or verify the identity of objects in images or videos. Its non-intrusive nature provides a wide range of potential applications. And with recent advancements in deep learning, their accuracy has improved to the point that nowadays face recognition is often preferred over other traditional biometric modalities such as fingerprint or iris recognition.

Unlike traditional facial recognition devices in the market today, where face alignment poses as a problem the ZKTeco visible light facial recognition products use deep learning algorithms to provide true cognition of faces, which enables larger pose angles. By applying 3D rendering through machine learning technology our products provide pose angle tolerance up to 30 degrees in all yaw, pitch and roll axis. ZKTeco AI visible light facial recognition products make use of a Proactive Facial Recognition technology which enables users to be automatically recognized by the device while walking past, unlike having to stand steadily in front of a camera. Thus, it is way faster than the previous near IR facial recognition and the recognition distance has been greatly extended to up to 3 meters long, which significantly improves the maximum traffic rate. Detection of up to 5 people at a time can be recognized per second if the facial template is stored locally on the device.

Anti-spoof functionality

With the applied Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm, the anti-spoof function has been greatly enhanced within ZKTeco AI visible light facial recognition products and can check fake faces, photos and video attacks. Face feature extraction is based on detecting differences in lighting, texture and resolution and includes two types of tests. Anti-fake photo attack is tested by comparing the near detected face’s background pixel movement and consistency of the detected face’s resolution versus video stream background. With the anti-fake video attack test, the device can detect a face’s texture and resolution, as well as whether the detected face is surrounded by a frame or not.

Key Benefits of Facial Recognition

With facial recognition technology, the ability to detect threats more efficiently than relying on standard video surveillance and security personnel has improved significantly. Through cross-referencing faces allows for the technology to be linked to criminal databases, thereby ensuring potential signs of danger are known in advance. High accuracy rates ensure that users can make use of technology more effectively. Facial recognition devices offer a range of applications that I highly diverse, including access control, border control, crime-fighting, time and attendance and more.

The ZKTeco AI visible light facial recognition technology is a touchless biometric solution, which is much more hygienic than other biometric technologies. Our AI visible light facial recognition products utilize an android operating system that brings clients the unlimited potential to formulate their solutions, based on the needs of their end-users. Designed in various structures and sizes the visible light facial recognition technology is very flexible and can be customised to fit any solution. Whether you are working in a bank, the education sector, a conference setting or the beauty industry the AI visible light facial recognition platform is versatile. ZKTeco AI visible light facial recognition technology can either be utilized as an access control terminal, time and attendance terminal or any other solution can be derived from this platform. For example, the device can be utilized as an advertisement display panel with biometric analysis on age, gender even behaviour making it easier for clients to identify their target market. With this technology the “Know your Client” Concept can be derived – clients can immediately recognize their regular customers and easily assist them in their needs, making the customers feel extra special and impressing them with excellent customer service.

Application of Visible light facial recognition

Visible light facial recognition systems can automatically recognize and track faces in videos. Upon successful verification, employees are free to have entrance and exit without any queuing and waiting needed.

The Visible Light Facial Recognition system is widely used suitable for various applications including offices, warehouses, clinics, manufacturing plants, catering premises and constructions sites etc. For employees that have been tired of standing in long queues, it no longer requires waiting for a long time and walking in front of conventional passive recognition systems for fingerprint or facial verification Instead, with great convenience and efficiency brought by Visible Light facial recognition systems, employees only need to walk straight through and the system actively matches faces and data.

ZKTeco AI visible light facial recognition products are indeed technology that sets it apart from the rest in today’s market.


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